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picsurferv1.7.rar (version 1.5, 944k)

    PicSurfer is based on Jamie Zawinskis WebCollage and the random personal picture finder (which, unfortunately, is no longer around).  Basically, it pulls random images off the internet and displays them in a window on your pc, refreshing with a new image every few seconds.  It use a number of different routines to collect images from a wide range of different sources.  There are also a number of options available that allow you to customize the way it finds images.  For example, you could turn off everything except for digital photos, and it would be doing exactly the same thing that the classic random personal picture finder did at 

    I have it running on a laptop and output to my television:


   (3.0 meg) (version 1.0, 1.0 meg) (version 1.5, 1.77 meg)